Shoes Off, Camera Ready


“I carry this little Leica because I travel on business a lot.  I’m from India, I’m a CPA–an accountant.  I can’t be seen carrying a big camera, so this one I can take photograph in my travels.  And I have a little break, so I have my shoes off.”



10 thoughts on “Shoes Off, Camera Ready

  1. rakhi dubey says:

    MN, You have your feet very well on ground and an eye for beauty. It feels like you want to collect the entire world in ur pictures during your lifetime.. Really wonder if a hard disk has been made, so big, to preserve ur treasures.. If u ll ever think of auctioning ur collection, u ll find me in the que with my earnings of lifetime to buy a few masterpieces 🙂


  2. Vijay says:

    What to say, I have seen you being passionate about photography right from my childhood and that’s 40 years down the lane. Seen everything changing from time and technology. What didn’t change at all was your true passion for photography. Stay blessed and keep us cheering to see what you show from your lenses.


  3. Hina Mansoor says:

    Manoj it’s always a treat seeing your photography . You are an avid traveller and have super eye for photography.. Great to see you here . I am sure will get to see the amazing world through your lens .. Keep clicking and capturing the moments .


  4. Swetha says:

    Hmm well, this msg is to all those people who are visiting this page.. 😀 can we guess his age? hmm Gray hair?? is he old??!! Nahhhh… meet him, his ENTHUSIASM for life will make you realize he is younger than all of us 🙂 He is someone who can find beauty in everything (Rare and a special gift of god I wud say :D) Leave him anywhere and he would have made loads of cherish-able memories and always has amazing, crazy incidents to share with us 😉

    Most importantly i think he personifies the fact that “Life isn’t about finding yourself but it’s all about creating yourself” All his pictures too proves this point:)

    Cheers MN sir!! 🙂


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