Welcome to Boulder Viewfinder!

Hi.  Thanks for being here and finding our photo magazine.  This is Boulder Viewfinder!

Kenneth Wajda

My name is Kenneth Wajda and I am a writer and photojournalist in Boulder.  I love telling stories–documenting  people’s lives in words and pictures.   And that’s what Boulder Viewfinder is  all about.   A web-based Photo Magazine that will feature photos of Boulder and its people made by local photographers.  And stories written by local writers.

If you’ve seen the New York Times LENS Blog, or the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture, that’s what I envision for Boulder Viewfinder, to be a showcase of great photography and stories of Boulder.

We’re just getting started, so please hit the Subscribe  or Donate button if you want to help out the magazine.  Enter your email if you want to get updates in your inbox.

Have a business in Boulder?  Advertise on the right sidebar and help support us while we help support you.

Tweet about us and follow us on Twitter.  Spread the link – BoulderViewfinder.com – to friends on Facebook.  Like us on Facebook.  And join us, won’t you?  This is a Photo Magazine all about…US!

Photographers and writers, we are on the lookout for story ideas.  Know someone who is taking care of a single parent’s kids while she/he is fighting in Afghanistan?  Know someone baking the best bread out of their garage and selling it to all the local restaurants?  Know someone who is going to set the pogo stick Guinness World Record?  We are looking for interesting people to profile, and visually strong stories.  Send your ideas to editor@BoulderViewfinder.com.

Thanks again for taking a look at us.  We’re excited to be here and launching this new photo magazine for Boulder.

~Kenneth Wajda, Editor


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