About Don Donaghy, Master Street Photographer


At a yard sale in Boulder:
“My husband (Don Donaghy) was a great photographer.  He studied in Philadelphia at the Museum School of Art, then went to New York.  He met Robert Frank who let him use his darkroom.  I think he was better than Frank.”

Don’s words on his career:
“After completion of a four year major in commercial art at the “prestigious” Philadelphia Museum School of Art, one might assume that I would seek employment in this field. However, I found myself driven to wander the streets of Philly, searching for images in order to learn to use my camera. An afternoon job delivering flowers to hospitals and funeral homes left my mornings free for taking photos and my evenings for developing films in the clothes closet.”


“I kept my photography as a very personal and pure pursuit of art throughout my remaining years in Philadelphia and in New York City. I compiled a huge portfolio during these years and though my work was included in museum collections, numerous shows and magazine publications, I found myself disillusioned, exhausted and unable to continue.”

“I defensively decided that photography must be a limited medium in which i had accomplished all that could be done. To seal this theory, my camera and all my equipment were stolen!”


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