Ah, The Magical Look of Film

I still shoot film.  It’s one of the things that sets me apart from other commercial photographers.  This street performer’s portrait was made outside the Wells Fargo bank using a vintage Century Graphic 2×3 film camera.  There’s something quite magical about the look of film.  Do you agree?

Do you ever shoot film?  Many people still have a film camera in their closet.  And with a new battery, they work fine.  I suggest buying one roll of 36-exposure Tri-X black and white film, and shoot one frame a month.  That roll, which costs $7, will last three years, and when you finally develop it, you will have a wonderful time capsule to look back on.  Can you imagine how much fun it will be to pick up the developed roll from the lab?  Mike’s Camera still processes film.


And this portrait was made with an Olympus OM2n and a 100mm f2.8 lens in Lyons.



Then, the most important thing–Print Your Photographs.  We are living in a digital age where so many photos are being made, we are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity, and very few last longer than a Facebook or Twitter post.

Work with a local lab, or contact me, I have a full service print lab here in Lyons.  When you print your photographs, you live with the images.


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