Seeking Shares and Photographer’s Submissions (YOUR Photographs)


We need your help.  If you enjoy this photo magazine for Boulder, may we ask you to please share the link – – on your social media and to your friends via email?  We need to help get the word out that it’s out there. We need photographers’ spec submissions.

If you are or know a photographer, please share this with them, too and we encourage submissions.  We strive for strong, quality, storytelling images.   We give them a place to publish their photos.  We are looking for pictorials or photo stories from events or happenings in Boulder County.   Eventually, we will pay for submissions, once we raise our viewership.  See the magazine for examples.

There are NEWS STORIES.  If you’re at an event and it lends itself to photo documentation.
See this post for example.  It includes close ups and wide angle shots, and features people in a natural journalistic way, not posed for the most part.

There are business profilesI AM BOULDER BUSINESS
See this post for example.  It includes photos from inside the store with detail shots and wide shots, plus people.

There are people profilesI AM BOULDER COLORADO
See this post for example.   It includes a quote from the person and a portrait of some kind.

There are PICTORIALS you could submit.
See this post for example.  Strong photographs of Boulder County.

Our goal is to be a photo magazine like Life Magazine with a handful of top Boulder photographers contributing to the daily publication.  Growing our viewership and selling advertising to pay the photographers.   Get in on the ground floor.  We need you!


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