Portraits of Life, Documentary Photography: The Wise Photo Project

Kenneth Wajda Photographer | 442 High St, Lyons CO  | 720.982.9237

I worked as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper in New Jersey starting in 1987 and I have been documenting human stories ever since.  I think one of my passions is shooting older folks who often don’t have many photographs made of them, and it’s an honor to document their senior years.  And they often feel honored being the subject of the photograph.

I have a project call The Wise Photo Project which seeks to do just that, document through portraiture the elderly and print their photographs.

It has been said that there will be no photographs of this generation or their loved ones, because no one is printing photographs.  Digital files get trapped in old computers that no longer boot up, hard drives that fail or get corrupted, CDs and DVDs that won’t mount.  Or simple files that are just not easily found.

So, I print your photographs.  The purpose of my work is to create photographs you can hang on your walls and live with, and experience them in your home, in your life.

Let’s create a space in your home or workplace that is your “gallery” and change it out periodically.  I will work with you to create amazing imagery that is most meaningful, because it is your family, and the photographs will last long after all the digital files are lost and forgotten.

Share this with other folks, please, if you can.  Information on sessions is available at my studio at 720.982.9237.



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