The Wise Photo Project

I AM BOULDER BUSINESS | The Wise Photo Project | Lyons Colorado | 720.982.9237

I create artful, magazine-style environmental portraits using real black and white or color film, create archival prints, matted, framed and ready for display. Traditional darkroom hand-printing is also available.


These legacy portraits, printed and framed, will last for generations and are experienced on a daily basis in your home, on your walls.

Pixels are good for sharing, but they’re forgotten. Prints are for preservation.

Why film?

It’s a feeling.  I suppose, you either feel it or you don’t.  I certainly do.  There’s a magic in that silver, I tell you.  Now there’s a Tri-X negative in a sleeve that exists with that image.  And there is a print of each photograph in a frame, to savor those moments.

Because photography wasn’t meant to be for an instant to share, to check out on the back of a camera screen, or to post once on Facebook then bury, and be done with.  It was meant to save memories.

Film, printed and framed, does that for me.  Unlike anything else available.  Surrounding me in my house and office.  Changing frames out with different memories.  But all real, no electricity needed. Because I intend to make photograph for the ages, not just for today.

Legacy portrait sessions are $325. Prints are available in any size to suit your space. Professional framing and mats in various colors, woods or metals. Shoots are available in Denver, Boulder and throughout the front range and the western slope.Call 720.982.9237



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