SimBLISSity, The Tiny Home Company

I AM BOULDER BUSINESS | SimBLISSity Tiny Homes on Wheels | Lyons CO | 303.885.5991

Byron Fears and his wife, Dot, just moved their tiny house construction business two weeks ago into the building where a boat company used to be, out on Highway 66, just east of the town of Lyons.  And already you can see the tiny houses are going up.

His crew is working on six houses at the moment, and Bryon said on average it takes about three months to complete a home, though one could be built in six weeks if they were only working on a single construction.

They are high-quality construction, and bigger than most of the tiny houses you see.  Byron said their 24-foot option sells for $65-85k, and they are comfortable for a couple, not just someone living alone.

“They’re movable, but they’re not RVs.  Most folks put them on a piece of land and stay put for a while,” Bryon said.  “I know someone who lived in one in Nova Scotia, Alaska and here in Colorado.”

The company has been featured on TV on Tiny House Hunters, and Tiny House, Big Living.  Perhaps they’re working on your next dream house that’s both comfortable (they have tiled bathrooms and propane fireplaces) and transportable.

Photography by Kenneth Wajda.



Carpenters work on sheathing a house.



Byron Fears, owner of SimBLISSity.







Detail of the tile work in a tiny home bathroom.




Construction materials still take up considerable space.


Bryon working with an electrical engineer on a home.


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