Startup Meetup, VR Edition

I Am Boulder Business | StartUp Meetup | 1724 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado

Photography by Kenneth Wajda.

A room full of entrepreneurs.  Dreamers.  Visionaries.  And open to ideas on how to bring those ideas to fruition.  That’s the purpose of the StartUp Meetup.


Bob Ottinger, owner of Reality Garage, speaks at the StartUp Meetup.


The February StartUp Meetup, which happened on Wednesday night in Boulder, featured two pitch presentations, the first one by Bob Ottinger, who opened the Reality Garage last month at  1320 Pearl Street, downstairs off the Pearl Street Mall. Meaning you can go and experience virtual reality.  Like anytime (well, that they’re open.)

The business model has a three pronged approach of related activities and goals:

• VR Lounge / Experience Space: walk-in or by appointment, individuals or groups (e.g. team building, parties)

• VR Maker Space with equipment, software, workshops / boot camps, open collaboration.

• VR Production: Content and Applications: Documentaries, mixed computer model generated with 360+180 / 3d videos.




The Reality Garage is open to the public and you can go visit and try out the VR experience, and there’s a Grand Opening Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11. More information: 720.598.2888 – Hours

The second presenter was Romain Vakilitabar, a filmmaker with a virtual reality film, My Beautiful Home, which will be screening during the Boulder International Film Festival, inside the VR Pavillion, March 2-5.


Romain Vakilitabar introduces MY BEAUTIFUL HOME during his presentation.

Synopsis:  Kenya’s Kibera is Africa’s biggest slum, and one of the world’s poorest neighborhoods. Most of those living in Kibera live in absolute poverty – making less than a dollar a day. But they are not asking for sympathy, they are asking for admiration.

His company Pathos VR‘s goal is to create empathy based virtual reality experiences to accelerate global understanding.

Vakilitabar explained how we often see news photos of strife and suffering in other countries, but while we can imagine it, we haven’t experienced it, and we need both imagination and experience to create empathy for those faraway people.  His intention is to bring an experience via Virtual Reality, and to use it to work to solve world problems.






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